OxygenCeuticals Purifying Kit

Howdy OC friends! 🙂

Today we wanna introduce you our the  new kit called,

“Purifying Kit


Before we move on, we must learn about the inclusion of “Purifying Kit”:




1.Purifying Foaming Wash 100ml 3.38 fl.oz:

Mild and pure bubble cleanser which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.



2. Purifying Wintergreen Serum 80ml / Purifying Wintergreen Cream 100ml:

Effective for anti-acne, spots, breakouts.



Also see the renewed notice of Purifying Wintergreen Cream below:

윈터그린 함량.jpg

Renewed Purifying Wintergreen Cream contained wintergreen leaf extract was changed to less amount than previous, because of too much wintergreen leaf extract caused stimulating to skin.

So we adjust the contents of wintergreen leaf extract to be suitable for even sensitive skin!


※If your skin type is sensitive and has lots of breakouts, this purifying kit is item to give you best solutions to skin.


Now let’s see the main ingredients of each products in Purifying Kit:


1.Purifying Foaming Wash’s Main Ingredients



2.Purifying Wintergreen Serum’s Main Ingredients

윈터그린 세럼.jpg


3.Purifying Wintergreen Cream’s Main Ingredients

윈터그린 크림.jpg




Also let’s learn the basic usage order to use Purifying Kit !🙂


※Editor’s tip!: Please follow the order of the tips’ order. If your skin type is dry but sensitive, then you may skip the Purifying Wintergreen Serum.


사용 전후.jpg


This above picture is the real before&after, after using the Purifying Kit! 🙂

So awesome right?





Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand! 🙂


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