New released product 2 – Spicule Regentox

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Today we wanna introduce you our new released product called, “Spicule Regentox”




Before we move on, we must learn about what the “Spicule” is:




Now let’s check the benefits of this!



  1. It helps to go on smoothly for

    skin turnover cycle with minutest stimulation as absorbing spicule.

  2. It relieves skin stress and helps to make healthy skin by nourishing.

  3. Spicule formed by porosity structure helps to absorb active ingredients to skin.



▲Check the miraculous change with Spicule!

※When it applied on your face, it might little sting but don’t sweat it!


Let’s move on checking the demonstration snap shots for applying “Spicule Regentox” 🙂

170728_스피큘리젠톡스 관리사진1.jpg

▲First, apply the suitable amount of spicule avoiding the eye areas.


170728_스피큘리젠톡스 관리사진2.jpg

▲Second,  apply the spicule on the entire face, especially for spots if you want to care intensively.


170728_스피큘리젠톡스 관리사진3.jpg

▲Third, gently massage from chin to ear.



170728_스피큘리젠톡스 관리사진4.jpg

▲Fourth, also you shall massage from side of nose to the middle side of the ear.



170728_스피큘리젠톡스 관리사진5.jpg

▲Finally, all the progress of applying spicule with massage finished!


To summarize the all progress above,

now let’s watch the video attached below! 🙂


Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand! 🙂



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