OxygenCeuticals Full Progress of Demonstration

Howdy OC friends! 🙂

Today we wanna introduce you our demonstration video.

Let’s check the each demonstration technique and watch the progress 🙂



  1. First step) Oxygen Scaling – Making Pore Mask!

Before get on the demonstration we have to remove make up residues on clients’ skin!

So we made a bubble type cleanser mixed with “Cryogenic Activator” and “Pore Mask”.

Non-sting, mild type bubble cleanser is perfectly suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


▲How to make rich bubble type cleanser with Cryogenic Activator and Pore Mask



 2. Second Step) Applying Pore Mask on skin!


▲If clients got the sensitive and stressed skin, it is perfectly suitable for cleansing deeply at once only using for Pore Mask !



3.Third Step) Gently pressing with sponge and Oxygen Scaling!

After cleansing, normally guys rubbing when they cleansing their face, but that motion might give sting to face.

So OxygenCeuticals Therapy recommend to use sponge with gently pressing and puffing on skin!

After removing bubbles with pressing sponge, the next step is Oxygen Scaling which is the most unique method of non-touch scaling with mineral water (a.k.a. Cryogenic Activator)

▲The spraying water is Cryogenic Activator a.k.a. mineral water which contains deep sea water excluded salts.

It has more dissolved oxygen by 10 times than conventional mineral water so that gives high cooling to clients.



4.Fourth Step) Spraying Formula !

We have four types of formulas in OxygenCeuticals,

①Oxygen Formula ( for all skin types)

②Exfoliant Formula ( for breakouts/brightening)

③Hydrating Formula (for dry skin)

④Couperous Formula (for sensitive skin)

They can be used with all together or can be used separately for each skin types.

▲Using with OXYCRYO, ampoule spraying is 100% non-touch method(no infection risk) using by oxygen pressure to penetrate ampoules deeply into skin.



5.Fifth Step) Applying Oxygen Mask!

After spraying ampoules, there might be ampoule residues on skin so OxygenCeuticals technique make absorb ampoules on skin using by Oxygen Mask!

▲Before applying Oxygen Mask, mixed by 1:1 with HA Gel and Toning Gel make skin get rich moisture!

Tips) HA Gel has 10% of Hyaluronic Acid which is heavy gel type products.

So we recommend to use it with Toning Gel for enhancing smooth texture on skin.

If clients have suppurative breakout problems, we recommend to use Toning Gel only or using Toning Gel more than HA Gel.



6.Sixth Step) Applying Modeling Mask !

After applying Oxygen Mask, mixed use with Clarifying Mask for base modeling pack a.k.a. sebum absorption pack  which contains rich Kaolin ingredients and Toning Gel for 1:1 ratio and finish the step.


▲All applied products are water based, so we must spread out gauze on skin to prevent modeling mask overflowing.


▲After applying modeling mask heats will be gone from face to scalp, so OxygenCeuticals give solution for unique scalp treatment with OXYCRYO!


Pure Oxygen Therapy have something in common effects making skin brightening and possible to use for all skin types! 🙂


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