OxygenCeuticals Brand Identity


The harmonious combination of Oxygen + Cosmeceutical, the post treatment care brand.

OxygenCeuticals is focusing on the post-care solution using pure oxygen which helps soothing your skin quickly and gives full moisture and vitality even to sensitive skin.

Also well known as for dermatology cosmetic brand in South Korea and overseas.


If oily, sensitive, dry, combination and etc you’ve got, OxygenCeuticals will give you right and effective solution according to your skin.




We also contain COIZ Oxygen Complex which helps to calm and relieve the irritated skin that helps to care post treatment solution after taking plastic surgery or praxel.

After getting laser toning, praxel will sting your face evenly it also give you redness.

But when you got the OxygenCeuticals solution on the redness skin, we make that skin calmed and relaxed.




Now let’s check the benefits of using pure oxygen with therapy!

1.Helps age-defying/defense aging

2.Helps generating collagen

3.Balance between oil and moistness by controlling a natural pH on skin.


*Now let’s watch the OxygenCeuticals Demonstration short video and see the difference among other brands!



+More info you want to get?: www.oxygenceuticals.com



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